Sol Óptica

Optical frequency controls

Experienced vision changes over the life of man. It is therefore important to have your eyes checked regularly even if one has the impression of looking good.
At each stage of our lives is essential to pay attention to warning signs that may indicate a vision problem. When a warning sign appears necessary
check with your optician, in addition to annual monitoring recommended.

For children (I)
Child development is partly tied to the development of his 0 a 5 años
Recommended a number of visual examinations is important to do. Here are some recommendations:
"Pay attention, especially in case of:
• Family history of eye disorders
• Premature birth
• Red eye, eye squint
• persistent tearing
• Reflect target in the black hole of the pupil
• Disorders of visual behavior: blank stare, abnormal movements,De 5 a 6 años

blinking, squinting. Do not wait to see your optician! "

5 to 6 years
During the learning of reading is very important to make a thorough examination to check
visual acuity of the child and the general state of your eyes.

From 6 to 18 yearsDe 6 a 18 años
A poorly corrected visual defect may interfere with the smooth running of the school,
is important to perform regular checks of sight of children.
Good vision for good driving
Some important data
90% of the information needed to drive a vehicle depends on the vision.
One in three drivers could see better without knowing it.
There is a close relationship between vision and road safety.

Good vision for good driving

Tips for better driving

Be checked regularly and corrected vision, if any, is part of the basic rules to observe before taking the wheel.
If you wear eyeglasses, take graduation always required even if your vision problem is mild. Have the appropriate glasses without scratching, spare glasses in the car and get reviews on your perspective every year or every two years.
Wear sunglasses to protect against glare from sunlight with or without graduation as needed.
Buy them in specialized and choose a degree of filter media to avoid problems when passing through an area of ​​darkness or a tunnel.

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